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There’s Going To Be a Show On The CW Called Ladyballs

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hit the jump for context.

Ladyballs is an hour-long dramedy being developed by Rashida Jones, who’s leaving Parks and Recreation during the upcoming sixth season season. Via The Hollywood Reporter, it:

“revolves around two twenty-something estranged friends in search of love in New York who are reunited after learning that they’ve been dating the same guy. When their plot to humiliate the two-timer goes viral, they realize the ‘payback’ business is a lucrative one and set up a clandestine business to continue bringing down the hand of justice for those who have been wronged.”

Meh on the whole “20-somethings looking for love in the Big Apple!” thing, but whatever, it’s the CW. And the rest of the premise looks pretty cool, plus I like Rashida Jones. She gets major props for choosing Ladyballs over the show’s original name: The Revengers.

Blech. That’d be an OK title if I hadn’t heard Ladyballs first. Once you go Ladyballs you never go back. No other title will ever live up to it.




Rashida’s not the only Jones who’ll be working on the show. Her older sister Kidada Jones, a model/actress/fashion designer, is producing. Neither of them is set to appear in front of the camera, but hey, it’s early. There’s still time.

Psssst, Joneses. Can Amy Poehler guest star? Something about her on a show called Ladyballs appeals to me on a spiritual level.

(THR, via The Jane Dough)

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