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Netflix Launches in U.K., Ireland, Now They Can Watch U.S. Versions of Their Shows

As a Netflix customer, the best service they provide is the large amount of full television series I can watch anywhere I have an Internet connection. As someone living in the U.S., the best part of Netflix’s wide array of available television is the deal it has with the BBC, which allows us to watch popular shows like Doctor Who if we don’t happen to have the BBC America channel, or more obscure shows like Spaced that have been off the air for quite some time. Now, however, Netflix has launched in the U.K. and Ireland, giving customers across the pond a chance to check out our gritty American television, such as all of our remakes of BBC shows. Yeah!

Being Human and The Office aside, Netflix actually does have a wide array of good American television on hand that may not make it to other countries — Showtime, FX, and AMC shows come to mind, as well as some of our genuinely good comedies, like Malcolm in the MiddleParks and Recreation, and Better off Ted.

As of right now, a free one month trial is available to anyone in the U.K. or Ireland, and after that, pricing starts at £5.99 or €6.99. The service seems to be pretty much the same as its U.S. counterpart, allowing customers to stream media through a bunch of different avenues — game consoles, computers, mobile devices, and a dedicated adapter. Netflix is also partnering up with Facebook to help streamline the sign-up process, as well as to provide suggestions of what your friends watched and liked.

So, rejoice, U.K. and Ireland, as you can now watch 88 episodes of Farscape, wonder why you did that, then move on to Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, wonder why you did that, then shotgun 8 seasons of That ’70s Show. With great Netflix comes great responsibility.

(via Netflix Blog)

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