Judge Orders Yelp Reviewer Being Sued for $750,000 to Reword Negative Comments

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When will businesses learn that taking folks to court over negative commentary only ends badly for everyone involved? Apparently not anytime soon. Contractor Dietz Development is currently suing one Jane Perez over the comments she left about the company on Yelp. Some of Perez’s jewelry apparently went missing, and her review essentially accused the contractor of stealing it, as they had a key. Pretty standard accusations that someone might make when things go missing while others have access to their home. Unfortunately, the judge didn’t agree, and Perez was ordered to tone down the review on Wednesday.

The Verge explains why Dietz feels they have a case:

Dietz says those harsh words have directly caused the company to lose out on new work endeavors. Accordingly, it’s asking for significant damages due to the lasting influence Perez’s words have had on its reputation with customers.

This is just a preliminary injunction, so it’s not like the case is settled. Dietz is suing for $750,000, which is a pretty hefty price to pay on top of apparently losing jewelry. Though the trial might officially determine a winner in this conflict, everyone involved appears to be on the losing side of things.

Perez is being sued, Dietz has become known for suing their customers, and someone’s going to end up parting with some money. Way to go, legal system. You’ve really outdone yourself this time.

(The Daily Dot via The Verge)

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