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Yelp Now Considers “Hipster” a Restaurant Ambience

Crowdsourced restaurant review site Yelp has just given users yet another data point on which to base their dining decisions: In addition to options like ‘romantic,’ ‘dressy,’ ‘casual,’ and ‘touristy,’ the “ambience” portion of a bar or eatery’s description can now simply say ‘hipster.’ Yes, hipster is an ambience now, apparently. You can see examples of it here and here.

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San Fran-based blog Mission Mission guesses that most restaurants, even those that cater to what one might describe as a ‘hipster’ clientele, would probably “pay through the nose to have the ‘Hipster’ tag removed.” What self-respecting hipster wants to drink somewhere where people who identify as hipsters drink, much less a place that itself identifies as ‘hipster’?

In response to a popular question on the Yelp forums, there does not appear to be a way to filter ‘hipster’ out from search results.

(via Laughing Squid, Mission Mission)

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