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Man Suing Over Confederate Flag Removal Says It’s Not Racist, Immediately Proves It Is

Look, the Confederate flag, battle flag, or whatever you want to call it is a symbol of racism. It belongs in a museum, not on proud display in government buildings. There's a grand total of two reasons to argue in favor of flying the Confederate flag: you're a white supremacist, or white supremacists' efforts to obscure the truth about racist symbols has worked on you and turned you into their ally.

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Apparently, the Star Trek Fan Film Lawsuit Isn’t Over Yet

Looks like J.J. Abrams might have spoken too soon when he addressed the ongoing copyright lawsuit between CBS/Paramount and Axanar Productions.

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Five Women are Suing New York State Over Its “Tampon Tax”

To date, five other states have repealed the so-called "luxury tax", including Massachusetts and New Jersey.

A group of five women is suing the state of New York in the hopes that it will lead to a repeal of the state's current 4% "luxury tax" that applies to all tampons and sanitary pads, saying that there is a double standard when it comes to the definition of medical products that are exclusively for women versus men.

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Halsey, Lady Gaga, Lorde, Ariana Grande and More Tweet in Support of Kesha

Believe women. Support women.

In light of the ruling against Kesha's bid for injunction yesterday, several celebrities in the music industry vocalized their support for her on social media, including Halsey, Lady Gaga, Lorde, Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson, and the hashtags #FreeKesha and #SonySupportsRape began trending on Twitter. A petition signed by over 50,000 people so far is urging Sony not to force Kesha to work with her alleged abuser.

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Judge Denies Kesha’s Release From Contract With Dr. Luke, Her Alleged Abuser

There's a new development in the Kesha v Dr. Luke case today as New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich has denied Kesha's bid for injunction, which is basically a request to get out of her contract with Dr. Luke, who she alleges drugged and raped her during their time working together.

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Man Sues Bethesda On Grounds That Fallout 4 Ruined His Life

A Russian man is suing video game publisher Bethesda Softworks over his experience with Fallout 4. It wasn't necessarily bad at first, but apparently went downhill quickly in the three weeks after the game's release--which is when the man claims he got so addicted to playing Fallout 4 that he stopped going to work and neglected his marriage.

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Judge Shakes Off Taylor Swift Case With Taylor Swift Lyrics

Your case has a blank space, baby.

In what could be seen as putting a bit of salt in a wound, a judge in California threw out a copyright suit against Taylor Swift by using Swift's own lyrics.

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Kesha Effectively Iced Out of Music Industry for Her Accusations of Abuse, Rape Against Producer

Because I know someone's going to say it: whether you like Kesha's career and the music she makes is not the point here.

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Young Woman’s Facebook Post Cost Her Dad $80,000

"Hey, Dad? Why'd you unfriend me?"

Kids are expensive. Food. Clothes. Toys. $80,000 Facebook updates. That last one's not all that common, but it happened to one father/daughter team in Miami when an update from the daughter cost her father an $80,000 lawsuit settlement.

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Beastie Boys Countersue GoldieBlox Over “Girls” Parody, Say Ad Campaign Promotes Stealing, Not Innovation

This whole thing has left us so disillusioned. Can't we have some good news?

We all thought that the scuffle between the Beastie Boys and toymaker GoldieBlox was over when they apologized for using a parody of the song "Girls" in a commercial that celebrated girls in engineering and removed the song. As it turns out, the Beastie Boys are now going after them for profits that may have been made off of the commercial.

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Sriracha Plant Ordered to Shut Down, Lunches Everywhere Get a Little Less Spicy

What are we supposed to do? Use Tabasco?

It seems the stand-off between Sriracha maker Huy Fong Foods and the city of Irwindale, California has escalated. The plant has been ordered to shut down operations that would produce the odor residents of the city have been complaining about.

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Beastie Boys Fight for Their Right to Poop the Party, Sue GoldieBlox Over Copyright Infringement [Updating]

Look, it was "Poop the party" or a "Sabotage" joke. We couldn't fit both in the headline.

Hey! Remember that really great commercial for GoldieBlox we shared last week? You know, the one with the girls building a rather impressive Rube Goldberg machine while they sing a parody of "Girls" by the Beastie Boys? Turns out lawyers for the Beasties weren't as impressed as we were. They're suing over copyright infringement.

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Samsung Did Not Pay Apple $1.05 Billion in Coins, Internet. Come on

This one? Again? Really?

An old Internet myth seems to be rearing it's made-up head, and people are once again sharing the story of how Samsung paid off a $1.05 billion court-ordered settlement with Apple in 30 truckloads of nickels. Except... they obviously didn't. Besides this being an old myth, let's look at why it's so ridiculous. Simply put - sheer volume.

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Someone is Suing Apple Because the Internet Has Porn On It, Yes Really [Video]

We're shocked -- SHOCKED -- to discover that there's porn on the Internet.

Despite Apple's strict draconian anti-porn policies, the Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad remains one of the best porn apps available for Apple's mobile devices. That's because it connects to the Internet, and there's porn on the Internet. So. Much. Porn. Tennessee lawyer Chris Sevier is suing Apple because he accessed porn on his Apple device. He's even submitted a bizarre YouTube video to support his case.

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Putt-Putt Golf Company Doesn’t Get How Minecraft Works, Slaps Devs With Cease and Desist

Basically the businessman equivalent of your grandma asking you to stop cursing on your Facebook wall.

So here's a fun fact: Apparently the term "Putt-Putt" isn't just a dorky synonym for mini golf but an actual brand! Sort of like "Band-Aid" and "Kleenex" get used interchangeably with bandage and tissue in common vernacular. Who knew? Apparently a lot of the people who play Minecraft didn't, as mini golf maps have gotten pretty popular in the past year, and a lot of them are referred to as Putt-Putt games. Rather than bask in their ubiquitousness as a household name, though, the Putt-Putt company decided to hit the developers behind Minecraft with a cease and desist order. Somebody needs to have a talk with them about what the Internet is and how it works, I think.

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Judge Suggests Lawsuit Against Sega Over Aliens: Colonial Marines Move to “Alternate Dispute Resolution”

We've all probably seen some pretty sweet game trailers and thought, "no way is the actual game going to look that good." There's a lawsuit claiming that in the case of Sega and Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines the actual game is so much worse than the demos that it constitutes false advertising. A judge in the case just sent both sides to "Alternate Dispute Resolution" to work it out.

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Romanian Lawyer Sues Exorcists For Failing to Banish Fart Demons

People sue each other for all kinds of crazy things. Modern society has a reputation for it -- usually for things like spilled coffee, disturbing items found in fast food burgers, or for failure to stop someone from falling in love. But right now, Romania takes the cake for the stinkiest lawsuit ever. See, a lawyer in Pitesti, Romania, is suing an Orthodox bishop and four priests for failing to exorcise the "flatulent demons" from his home. You probably read that right, but let me rephrase for clarity. He's suing them for not getting rid of his fart devils.

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Lawsuit Against Elmo Puppeteer Includes Phrases Like “Crystal Meth Sex Party”

I'll level with you, folks. I've been kinda hoping the other shoe just wouldn't drop regarding allegations that Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash had sex with underage boys for years while also bringing to life one of America's most beloved icons of childhood. After a brief lull that almost let us forget that happened, the story has returned in full force, with one of Clash's accusers bringing a lawsuit against Clash making the details of his allegations more clear and forever connecting the phrases "Elmo puppeteer" and "crystal meth sex party" in the American psyche.

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Google Maps Can’t Catch a Break in Germany, It May Be Banned by Courts

In December of last year, Google Maps was facing scrutiny in Germany for potentially violating European Union privacy laws. Things haven't gotten easier for Google in that country, because now Google Maps faces a complete ban in Germany due to a patent dispute with Microsoft. If Microsoft wins the ruling, Google will have to take some pretty extreme measures to keep Google Maps out of Germany. Hope you didn't want to find your away Germany, everybody. It's about to get a little more difficult for you, or more expensive for Google.

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Chubby Checker Would Like You to Stop Using His Name to Guess Penis Sizes

Let's say tonight you're on a date with a handsome fella for Valentine's Day. Things are going well, and you start to wonder what he's working with downstairs. You pull out your HP Palm phone, fire up "The Chubby Checker," an app made for guessing penis size, and get an estimate. The real Chubby Checker, the singer, wants everyone to stop doing that, and has filed a lawsuit against HP. Also, you probably blew the date the second you pulled out your Palm phone on the date. It's rude, and who still has a Palm phone?

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