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Ned Was Originally in the Mid-Credit Scenes for Spider-Man: Far From Home Representing All of Us

Spider-Man looking shocked

Spider-Man: Far From Home has prepared us for the next leg of Spider-Man’s journey while also tearing our hearts apart. Peter Parker is going to have a rough go of it in the future, seeing as the entire world thinks he murdered Mysterio, but apparently, his best friend Ned had a moment of shock and awe just like the rest of us.

Jacob Batalon, who brings our favorite guy in the chair to life, talked with Screen Rant about his reaction, and we have to know: Why were these cut?

“I filmed reactions to it. I remember doing a bunch of screams as Ned, just like yelling and in shock noises, like gasping and crying.”

While the scene gave us the return of J.K. Simmons as an Alex Jones-type figure, telling the world in an online video of Peter Parker’s secret, it did leave us on the edge of our seats screaming, because what good can come from this? And to be fair, seeing Ned yelling and crying because his best friend is now, essentially, a fugitive would have been right in line with how I was feeling in that moment.

It’s a wonderful choice because—while I understand Peter Parker’s need for a secret identity being that he’s, you know, a child—it opens the world in regards to Spider-Man’s villains coming for those he loves and how he fits in with the rest of the Avengers. I can’t wait to see how Flash deals with the knowledge that his hero was Peter Parker all along.

Now that Peter is safe within the walls of the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again, maybe we can see Ned reacting to the destruction of his best friend in the next Spider-Man movie. Either way, I’m sure we’ll get plenty of Ned worrying about Peter and what it means now that the world thinks he’s a murderer.

(via Screen Rant, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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