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Spider-Man Is Back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


Peter Parker and Aunt May in Spider-Man: Far From Home

I can finally breathe, my son has returned! DEADLINE is reporting that Sony and Disney have mended their fences, realized the error in their ways, and are back on the same team! Basically, we have (at least) the third in the Spider-Man trilogy and the promise of Peter Parker’s involvement in future Avengers movies.

And, we don’t even have to wait too terribly long for the next installment to the Spider-Man movies! With a set release date of July 2021, Peter Parker is coming back to my life (our lives, I guess, whatever) relatively soon, and to be honest, I feel like this last month was a blur.

To be honest, this is something that I saw coming from a mile away. Yes, I had my reservations because maybe I was talking out of my ass, but there was something fishy about the entire situation. I even wrote about how Sony’s statement gave me hope something like this might work out.

Twitter is screaming (much like myself) because, to be honest, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Peter Parker is the first time I actually felt like I was seeing comic book Peter on screen before me. Tom Holland himself also … had some feelings to express.


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I mean, I even yelled at my mom:

I know that everyone has their opinions on this dispute because they don’t want Disney to be a monopoly, but hear me out: This is the sharing of a character and, to be fair, Disney has done a great job with Peter Parker in a way that neither of the Sony produced Spider-Man franchises could. He was fully Peter Parker (to me), and that is something I will always give to Disney. They brought comic book Parker to life. (Not to mention that it’s hard to call it an anti-monopoly win for one monopolistic mega corporation to have rights to a character over another.)

Maybe I cried in public over this news. Maybe I’m just extremely happy that something worked out. If I trust Kevin Feige with anything, it’s Spidey, because it’s a character he loves. I’m just excited that Tom Holland gets to continue with the MCU, and maybe we’ll get more of that Sebastian Stan/Anthony Mackie fued with Holland.

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