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Natalie Dormer Joins the Cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Man, everything’s coming up casting today. First Ben Affleck was chosen to be Batman. Then Bradley Cooper might be Rocket Raccoon. Now Game of ThronesNatalie Dormer has been tapped for a role in the two-part movie adaptation of Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

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But who is she playing? Hit the jump to find out. (Worry not if you haven’t read the book: Spoilery bits are covered.)

That would be Cressida, the film director and member of the rebellion who has a particular flair for making propaganda films about Katniss. Like most people who originally hail from the Capitol, Cressida has a bit of a weird visual vibe going on. Via The Hunger Games Wiki, she’s “a young woman whose head is shaved bald and tattooed with vivid green vines.”

Yeeeeah… I doubt they’re going to shave Natalie Dormer’s head. Just a hunch.

It’s been a few years since I’ve read Mockingjay, but what I remember about Cressida makes me really like this casting. Like many residents of District 13 she has a little bit of moral ambiguity going on, at least insomuch as she’s perfectly fine with bending the truth to get potential rebels on their side. There’s no one I can think of who can play ultimately-good-but-with-a-heavy-dose-of-sneaky better than Dormer.

I just hope Mockingjay‘s filming schedule doesn’t conflict with Game of Thrones’. I’d hate to see less Margaery Tyrell. She lights up my life.

Catching Fire doesn’t come out until November, but we heard earlier that Mockingjay will start filming soon—like, next month soon. I’m guessing that Dormer’s casting is only the first one we’ll be hearing about in the next few weeks. Given that, might I prevail upon the cinema gods to confirm the rumor that Julianne Moore will be playing District 13 President Alma Coin?

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