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Julianne Moore Might be Our President Coin in Mockingjay

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor


With second installment of the Hunger Games film franchise, Catching Fire, only a few months out, it’s about time to start nailing down those characters that remain to be introduced in the third and fourth installments Mockingjay. One of those characters is Alma Coin, and there’s pretty much nothing I can say about her that aren’t spoilers for Mockingjay and Catching Fire, so if you haven’t read the books, you should probably just skip the rest of this post after this next sentence.

According to Deadline, director Francis Lawrence is looking at Julianne Moore to play Coin.

Deadline doesn’t mention, however, that Lawrence has actually contacted Moore, so take it with a grain of salt.

I can’t say that the casting doesn’t seem spot on, though. President Coin is the [I said there would be spoilers, didn’t I?] leader of District 13, which holds near mythical status to Katniss and her friends. Most do not suspect that there are actually organized survivors in District 13, since the Capitol razed the entire District in the war that lead to the creation of the Hunger Games. Coin becomes a very grey figure in the first half of Mockingjay, embodying the principles of her district that have allowed it to survive for so many years: sacrifice, pragmatism, and precise organization. With Katniss’ power as a figurehead for a revolutionary movement, she is among the leaders who coerce, manipulate, and browbeat Katniss into participating in propaganda. In the end of Mockingjay she reveals the true extent of her zealotry, as well as the lengths she’ll go to use Katniss’ fame for her own ends.

It’s a great villain role, and it’s rare, in Hollywood, that such a nuanced sort of evil would be a role given to a female actor. I’d be really interested in seeing how Moore tackles the part, should she sign on to the production.

(via Deadline)

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