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Cover Your iPhone With a Naked Cartoon Lady Taking a Bath


You can’t walk into an electronics store or down the street in New York City without running into an amount of iPhone cases that could fill Scrooge McDuck’s vault and provide a very relaxing swimming alternative to hard metal coins. However, you can only have some many striped, glittery, flat iPhone cases before people become bored and start to take them in an entirely different direction. We’ve already seen an artist’s rendering of Siri trying to make an escape from her app-filled prison, so it was only a matter of time until we saw a naked cartoon lady taking a bath on top of a phone.

Good news, folks who want to own a naked cartoon lady taking a bath on top of a phone, you can achieve your dream and render your phone unable to fit inside your pocket for only $31. Best of all, you can use the bathing lady’s head as a multidirectional phone stand, possibly for when you want to sit back at a public restaurant and watch videos of other cartoon ladies taking baths.

More importantly, if you have some sort of business meeting and can’t afford to show your love of cartoon bathing, the lady and her bathtub snap off the phone and leaves behind a regular white case. The case also comes with a screen protector and a microfiber cloth, though unrelated to bathing they might be.

If this is your sort of thing, or you want to embarrass some friend by publicly gifting him or her a box of these, head on over here.

(via RocketNews)

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