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Seal Your iPhone in an Inch of Bulletproof Steel Because You Can

Consumer electronics has always been about more features, in smaller and smaller devices. The Japanese company Marudai thinks this is completely wrong, which is probably why they’ve introduced an iPhone 4 case that puts an inch of steel armor between your phone and the terrifying world outside. Forget the features of your phone; this case can stop a .50 caliber bullet.

Of course, to stop a .50 caliber bullet — like the ones shot from really big guns like this or this — means that you’re going to be packing on pounds. About 4.6 pounds, actually. Also, because the phone is buried behind an inch of steel, the case’s makers had to bore a hole for the phone’s camera to be usable. True, it means that all your images appear as if they were photographed from the end of a long tunnel, but who cares? Your iPhone case can stop bullets.

In a strange twist, only one side of the iPhone is armored to the point of bullet resistance. The front of the phone is covered in a thin piece of flimsy aluminum. Amazingly, the uparmored iPhone also comes with a second, protective case to keep your phone from getting banged around inside the steel brick you call a case.

Obviously, this case isn’t about functionality. It exists because someone realized that it could be made and that maybe someone would spend $650 on the thing. However, if you’re the kind of person that wants to keep a small area of your person protected from sniper rounds but also wants to carry a cellphone, this could be the device for you.

(Marudai via Gizmodo image via DVice)

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