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Render Your Phone Obnoxious to Use With This Super Creepy Siri iPhone Case

3D printing company Shapeways decided to honor Apple’s digital assistant Siri the best way it knew how, and assembled a group of ragtag, rough-and-tumble 3D printing artists to submit their own vision of Siri. The winner of the contest, SaGa Design, churned out the creepy Siri case you see above, dubbed the Omniscient Siri case. The case obviously renders all touch controls useless, and users would be forced to use Siri for all functionality, but luckily her face is pushing out from the phone so one can order her around face-to-face.

The case is on sale over at Shapeways, starting at $90 for the white version, and ramping up to $350 for a glossy gold-plated one. So get spending, and you can render your iPhone most useless, but a work of art.

(via Technabob)

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