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SmartGuard iPhone Case Lets You Make Calls, Mace People

For those who have been waiting since the debut of the iPhone to weaponize it, your time has come. Piexon, the makers of fine pepper spray related products, has developed the SmartGuard, a tube of mace attached to an iPhone case. The device’s creators reason that if everyone is carrying a smartphone these days, it makes perfect sense to attach a pressurized nozzle of irritant to it. That way, you’ll never leave home without your pepper spray.

If you’re keen on getting yourself a weaponized iPhone of your very own, it’ll set you back about $55 (49.90 Swiss francs). Replacement canisters, which you’ll need since each has only has six seconds of spray-time, will cost you about $28. The SmartGuard is also for the fashion conscious, coming in black, white, and pink.

Unfortunately, the SmartGuard is merely an iPhone-based holster for a pepper spray canister. Simply detach the cylindrical canister, aim the end at your attacker, and depress the plunger with your thumb. Because the nozzle is located at the bottom of the canister and the plunger locked when attached to the phone, the pepper spray cannot be used when holstered. Frankly, this is probably a good thing as it greatly reduces the likelihood of accidentally spraying yourself in the face when making a call.

Joking aside, I can see some utility in this. Should a mugger order you to surrender your wallet and phone, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to retaliate with the SmartGuard. However, the major drawback of having pepper spray strapped to your phone is that everyone will know you have it. Answer a call at work and your self defense weapon is in plain sight. Whip out your phone to check into a restaurant on FourSquare and now everyone knows you’re packin’. This isn’t so much a tactical drawback as it is socially awkward.

If that’s not a problem for you, why not take one of these and just strap a cellphone to it? Then people will know you’re serious.

(Piexon via Gizmodo)

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