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Feminism Moving Toward Greater Intersectionality with #MyFeminismIs

It’s a great time to be a feminist. Online harrassment aside, we’re living at a time when people are trying to understand intersectionality more than ever; when the current generation of feminists is actively struggling to find their place in it and make room for diverse friends, even if it makes them resistant to the feminist label. Well, the Ms. Foundation is looking to clarify and change our relationship with the word through their #MyFeminismIs campaign. Check out the introductory video above!

The Ms. Foundation works “to bring attention to the real challenges facing women, especially women of color and low-income women who are living in poverty, working paycheck to paycheck or both.” With that in mind, they have started the #MyFeminismIs campaign to spotlight the fact that there are as many feminist solutions as there are women, and that really, feminism is about leveling the playing field for all genders.

I’m a fan of their definition of feminism being “the social, economic, and political equality of all genders.” First, because it acknowledges that the feminist struggle exists not just with regard to laws, or wages, but also the sexism that permeates society socially, and that all of those areas deserve focus. Second, because it talks about “all genders.” As I’ve said before, feminism starts with “Fem” because that’s the side of the equation that needs lifting in order for things to be equal. It’s about lifting women up, not lowering men.

The other thing of which I’m a huge fan is this video in which former NFL player Wade Davis III talks feminism with journalist Mychal Denzel Smith:

Watching two cis men of color talk bell hooks is pretty freaking amazing. Interesting, too, is the fact that they discuss how they feel trying to bring up feminism in groups of other men. But then I think to myself, “Well, you guys can do it. That means there’s hope for the rest of you!” I really believe that.

And, of course, the campaign is formatted like a hashtag for a reason. The campaign has already drawn support on Twitter, with people of all circumstances writing about what feminism means to them:

There’s already been a bit of backlash, as you’ll be able to see in the YouTube comment cesspool for these two videos, but I don’t wanna give them any more ink.

Share this campaign with anyone you think would benefit from thinking a little more about feminism. The whole point is that the campaign can only be as successful as the diverse voices that participate in it.

And tell us in the comments below – what is feminism to you?

(via The Daily Dot; Featured image via the Ms. Foundation)

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