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Did Matt Smith Just Tell Us That We’ll Be Getting Multiple Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Specials?

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

In case you’re not a Doctor Who fan, or you’re not regularly within a three-mile radius of Doctor Who fans, you should know that the fandom has been waiting almost a year for new episodes of the show. The season finale of season (or series) six aired October 1st, 2011, and now at the end of August, 2012, we still don’t know when new episodes will hit… just that they are coming this fall.

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But it’s not just the return of the show that fans are anticipating: 2013 will mark the show’s 50th anniversary special. And, at least if you read into a statement made by show star Matt Smith, we might be anticipating multiple specials.

According to Doctor Who TV, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine will feature Smith talking about the upcoming Series 7. Now, we all know that the Doctor Always Lies, but look at this possible slip of the tongue:

Smith says Moffat’s first Anniversary episode, although not written yet, sounds great and the idea is “as brilliant and as mental as you’d expect from Steven”.

That’s “first.” As in, “more than one.” There’s no hard information on who will be appearing in any anniversary specials, although usually it’s an opportunity for show runners to bring back past incarnations of the Doctor, where possible. After fifty years of existence and a gap of about twenty five years where the show was not on the air, there aren’t that many around. Fourth Doctor Tom Baker has been rumored to be open to a cameo, while fifth Doctor Peter Davison seems lukewarm on the idea. But Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston has a longstanding estranged relationship with the show, and if there was any news out there that pointed to the inclusion of the very much beloved tenth Doctor David Tennant, we would have heard about it. The Tumblr community probably would have manifested itself as a discrete entity, climbed out of our computer screens, and shouted at us.

The anniversary special (or specials) however, come after we get the first half of series 7, a Christmas special, and then the second half of series 7 in spring of 2013. After the anniversary celebrations come to a close, however, there’s series 8 to worry about. Says Smith: “Are you ready to cry?”

(via Blastr.)

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