Want To Live At G.I. Joe Headquarters? You’ll Have To Move to Staten Island [Infographic]

General Hawk just got a lot less cooler.
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Normally we love it when Movoto calculates where and how expensive our favorite fictional real estate will be. Except this time around, they’re totally compromising government secrets — don’t publish the exact location of the G.I. Joe command center, guys! What if Cobra Commander finds out?

So why Staten Island, of all places (Nothing against them, of course, but it’s nigh impossible to get to without a car)? Because that’s where it is in the comics, Movoto writer Randy Nelson says.

 In Hama’s “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero” comic, the original Pit was located under the motor pool of the Chaplains Assistant’s School at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island, New York. That’s a lot more specific than we usually find for these things. While I now knew where it was located, the students and other military personnel in the comics didn’t even realize it was right under their feet.

I should probably note that while Fort Wadsworth is a real place, the actual base is no longer in operation, although some of its buildings are being used by the U.S. Coast Guard. In other words, it’s probably not a good idea to go snooping around looking for an entrance to the underground complex.

Well, we won’t have to go snooping around, because we’ve got all the information we need about the Pit in the below infographic. Check it out:


Yo, Joe! Here’s the Real-World Value of G.I. Joe’s Headquarters

(via Movoto, image via G.I. Joe)

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