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Why Raid Grommash Hold When You Can Buy It? Movoto Prices Out the Orc Stronghold

Grommash Hold is a little rough around the edges, but maybe you could spruce the place up a bit.


Grommash Hold

What’s a World of Warcraft orcish stronghold going for on today’s market? How would one even begin to put a price on a virtual building? What is the real life equivalent of the Horde capital of Orgrimmar? These aren’t questions normal people ask themselves. Thankfully, our friends at Movoto aren’t normal. They’ve crunched the numbers and put a theoretical price tag on Grommash Hold. So, how much would it cost? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

As they always do, Movoto broke things down with a handy infographic. Movoto blogger Randy Nelson looked at the assets available in the Hold, it’s size, and it’s location. He then made comparisons to real world prices when available, and decided where Grommash Hold would be in our world. Take a look:

Buy WoW's Grommash Hold

It’s not nearly as much as the value they put on Stormwind Keep, which they priced at $10,392,742 earlier this month, but Grommash Hold is in a much rougher neighborhood. You can read more about how Nelson went about getting the information needed in-game over at the Movoto blog.

(via Movoto, image via Sean Duncan)

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