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Moon Knight and She-Hulk Have Found Their Showrunners

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Two more Marvel heroes are one step closer to their small screen debuts as it was announced yesterday that both She-Hulk and Moon Knight has found their showrunners. Both series were announced to be in development back in August at D23, and now we know a bit more about where they Disney+ series might be going…and it’s a good direction.

Moon Knight will be helmed by Jeremy Slater, one of the writers behind Netflix’s Umbrella Academy. In case you don’t know who Moon Knight it (and I didn’t until recently) he’s a former marine/mercenary that gets left for dead then revived by a Moon god and then  sort of becomes a hero. He’s like Batman if Batman was possibly schizophrenic and/or possessed by a mysterious divine force.

Slater has a long history with comic and genre properties including work on the failed 2015 Fantastic Four and Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note. Those two credits in particular don’t give us a lot of confidence, but he also worked on the recent reboot of The Exorcist, which I heard generally good things about so we’ll give it a chance.

The property we’re perhaps more excited about it She-Hulk. She-Hulk is Jessica Waters, a lawyer cousin of Bruce Banner who gets Hulk-like powers after a blood transfusion from Bruce, but is able to keep her intelligence and personality when she’s feeling Green – much like Bruce did in Avengers: Endgame.

The new series will be led by Jessica Gao (I may be biased but I’m loving all this good news for Jessicas!). Gao is best known for her work on Rick and Morty, where she won an Emmy for her work on the episode “Pickle Rick.” I’m really excited that a woman is heading this series, and that it hopefully shows Marvel is committing to keeping the fun, smart tone of the She Hulk comics in the series.

We won’t actually be seeing any Marvel series on Disney+ for a long time, as their first outing Falcon and the Winter Soldier just started filming and won’t air until next year – followed by WandaVision, Loki and What If..? in 2021. That means we probably won’t see these series until 2022, at which point I assume Disney will be beaming them all directly into our brains. We also haven’t heard anything about who will be making Ms. Marvel.

In the mean time, Disney+ launches next Tuesday with more than enough Marvel content to keep you from hulking out for a few days.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter, Image: Marvel)

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