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Livestream of Minecraft 1.0 Release Announcement, Right Now

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen. It’s almost time for the official, live release of Minecraft 1.0. I don’t think I’m being sensationalistic when I say this is a historic moment in gaming, even if it is sort of a technicality. If you’ve been keeping up on your prereleases (like I have), you’ve been playing what is basically the 1.0 release for almost a week now. If you’re like me, the release itself isn’t going to have much of an actual effect. But all that being said: Minecraft is totally coming out, you guys. Like, actually coming out. For real. Even if it’s in name only, we’ve been waiting for this for over a year. The game that shook up the whole indie gaming world while in beta is coming out. Also, Notch is giving a cool speech.

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Livestream after the jump. Don’t miss it.

(Stream via IGN)

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