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Minecraft Halloween Update Details: “Hell” and More

Runaway indie hit Minecraft is getting a pretty neat update on Halloween, and PC Gamergot some secret information” as Minecraft’s creator, Notch, put it on his development blog. Read on past the jump for handy rundown of updates to expect in the update, particularly concerning the new “Hell” dimension:

  • Traveling in the new hell dimension will take players 16 times farther in the real world than if they simply traveled in the real world
  • Players have to build a portal to use the hell dimension travel system, by building a frame out of obsidian blocks and setting fire to the space in between, and will have to build a second portal to get back to the real world
  • Six new block types: All but one will have a new function, including those brown blocks in the screenshot being ignitable until doused with water
  • New enemy: Ghasts, as seen in the screenshot, can shoot fireballs that can also set fire to sections of the world
  • The engine will generate different climate regions within the same world, including deserts, snowy sections, forests, etc.

Everything sounds pretty neat so far, especially giving Minecraft players a way to basically “bookmark” locations in the world with the use of portals.

(via PC Gamer)

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