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Minecraft for Free All Weekend

Do you have something that you have to get done?  Anything?  Then stop reading right now.  Go on.  Scroll down.  There’s a funny Cthulhu video down there.  Just leave this post alone.  Go on, get.

Okay.  If you’re still here, we are now absolved of all responsibility for telling you that Notch, the developer of Minecraft, the latest incredibly addictive game sweeping the internets, is offering the game free until he gets some new servers set up, probably on Monday.

Apparently the game’s popularity has kind of overloaded Notch’s humble servers, and so nobody can access the servers that allow purchase of the game, creating an account, or user verification.  Since the only parts of the game that still work are actually playing the game, he has made the best of it and called a free-to-play weekend.

So this is your chance to check out Minecraft without paying the usual $10.  And, if worst comes to worst, next week you’ll have to pay to keep playing, so that might nip your career/school ending habit in the bud.

(story via Rock, Paper, Shotgun, image via Penny Arcade.)

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