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Here’s a DIY MIDI Organ That Shoots Flames for Fourth of July Reasons [Video]

Not to brag or anything, but this blows Canada Day out of the water. With fire.

Every American loves the Fourth of July at least a little bit. No matter what side of the political aisle you sit on the rest of the year or how you feel about the current administration, it’s nice that we have at least one day every year when we can all just agree that barbecue is good, fireworks are awesome, and eagles are the best possible animal. Speaking of fire, Livid Instruments figured out how to make a MIDI organ that plays “The Star Spangled Banner” — Hendrix-style, of course — and shoots giant gouts of fire into the air in time with the music. See this? This right here is why I’m proud to be an American. DIY engineering and fire.

Here’s what the creators had to say on the Adafruit Industries website:

For the 4th of July this year we decided to go big. Fire big. We created a MIDI controlled flame organ, controlled by our Brain, some relays, solenoid valves, and performed on the BASE through Ableton Live and Pure Data. We mixed the best of our performance instruments, with the craziness of our DIY line.

Watch for our upcoming video explaining this setup, and how we built it from our very own DIY guru mark. Until then, happy 4th!

Oh, we will, watch for an explanation on this one, Livid. We will.

(Livid Instruments via AdaFruit)

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