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Stroke of Brilliance or Spectacular Error: San Diego Blows Off Entire Fireworks Show at Once

In these United States, the Fourth of July is generally celebrated with the consumption of low-grade meat products and explosions. This year, San Diego might take the lead for the latter category as what appears to be a technical glitch caused the city’s entire fireworks display to be blown off in seconds. While somewhat disappointing to local residents, it sure is fun to watch. 

Because we live in the future, hundreds of people in the crowd captured last night’s spectacular win-fail and uploaded it to YouTube within minutes. May it live in infamy.

And here’s a different view, in glorious HD! Extra points for the disappointed small child.

Whoever was responsible for this either deserves to be sacked or put on a coin. Take your pick.

(Badass Digest, Reddit, Instagram top pic via benballer)

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