Dodge Challenger Freedom Commercial Will Make You Weep Proud Tears of Red, White, and Blue

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Car commercials: They’re usually boring and feature either a midsize sedan driving through an otherwise car-free urban landscape at night or an offroad vehicle kicking up clouds of dust, accompanied by a disclaimer that you probably shouldn’t drive it off of actual roads.

Not this one, though: In a commercial for their Dodge Challenger Freedom which originally aired during the U.S.-England world cup match, Dodge has given us a … reinterpretation of the Revolutionary War in which (spoiler alert) George Washington and a posse of cars which are probably Dodge Challenger Freedoms cruise in to lead the American charge against the British and win us our freedoms back.

Absurd? Yes. Jingoistic? Check. Kinda silly in light of the fact that the cars in question are, in the words of Consumer Reports, “as American as a Mercedes-Benz-sourced LX platform car produced in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, by a company with 10-percent Canadian government and 20-percent Italian corporate ownership”?  That too.

Preamble aside, check it out:

(Thanks, Nate.)

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