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Shirt Has Microfiber Patches for Cleaning Your Glasses

As someone who has been wearing glasses for a while, I’ll admit that I do a pretty terrible job of keeping them clean. And if it’s not glasses, it’s your iPhone or your tablet that’s covered with schmutz. That’s why the Japanese design duo fift thought it would be a great idea to put microfiber patches on a t-shirt, to facilitate better glass cleaning on the go. Except unlike the free microfiber sheets you get with a new glasses case, this shirt costs $90.

Personally, I’ve never had trouble cleaning my glasses with a shirt tail. Sure, microfiber works better, but cotton works well enough. Of course, if that’s not your experience, you could save yourself $80 and buy a dozen handkerchiefs. Besides, unless you’re planning on buying an entire wardrobe of these shirts, you’ll probably have to choose between dirty glasses and dirty clothes.

(Fift via Technabob)

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