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These Slippers Have LEDs in Them to Help You See in the Dark or Something

Opulent Items is solving problems you never knew you had. They’re the online retailer that is your number one source for slippers with LEDs in them. Perfect for those late night visits to the bathroom that you’ve been meaning to talk with your doctor about. But this footwear doesn’t just pack a useful set of headlights, good friend. These slippers also have weight and ambient light sensors, so that the lights only switch on when you’re standing and when it’s dark.

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Of course, these are really only useful if you’re staring at your feet while walking around in the dark. What’s more, the weight-sensors probably mean that the LEDs switch on and off with each step, making you more likely to feel like you’re at a rave than find your way to the bathroom. However, when it comes to light-up shoes, perhaps we should just be grateful for what we have.

(Opulent Items via Technabob)

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