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This Raincoat Has an Integrated Umbrella Because Why Not

I’m all for the integration of devices — put a camera or an iPod in my phone and I’ll probably use it. But some things are best left separate, as demonstrated by the so-called Umbrella Raincoat concept from Athanasia Leivaditou. This waterproof garment features a ribbed, flip-down hood that provides maximum rain protection to your face while leaving your hands free. It also looks like someone parked a baby’s perambulator on your head.

Unfortunately, the design lacks the major advantage of an umbrella in that this hood only keeps your head dry. So while the Umbrella Raincoat (Umbrelcoat? Bumbercoat?) will guard your face, whatever you’ve got in your hands will be soaked. Also, it can be worn as either a floor-length trench coat or a jump suit through the miracle of zippers. Because why not.

(Yanko Design via Technabob)

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