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I Don’t Know What I Expected: Meow Men Stars Cats in Mad Men Opening Credits Parody [Video]

Bet they went through a lot of herbal catnip while filming this.

This cat-inspired shot-for-shot remake of Mad Men‘s opening credits is pretty amazing, but I wish The Pet Collective had taken it further and done a complete retelling of the series. Just think of the pet-related name puns! Don Drapurr! Puggy Olsen! Paul Kittensey! And then there’s Duck Phillips, of course. So many missed opportunities.

The Pet Collective did create their own ads for kitten-related products to place in the background of this video, though, so that’s pretty great. This Found Water one hits me right where I live — and where my cat likes to stick her head in my glasses:


(The Pet Collective via Laughing Squid)

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