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Cheetah Cub Robot Walks Just Like a House Cat, Doesn’t Fall Asleep on Your Keyboard…Yet

EPFL's house cat-inspired robot could one day perform search and rescue operations, though it will probably never replace your beloved pet Mr. Biscuits.

Researchers at French tech powerhouse Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) have posted a video glimpse of their latest robot, and the “cheetah cub robot” — inspired by house cats — has everyone in this office wondering when they can trade in their real life cat for a Robo-Kitty, which is the best of all possible pets, because it is both a robot and a cat. I don’t believe I even have to explain this.

Unlike it’s spiritual big brother, DARPA’s cheetah robot, EPFL’s cheetah cub isn’t built for speed, but stability. The hope is that this prototype will one day lead to robots inspired by natural biology that will be able to traverse rough terrain like mountain paths or fallen buildings to do recon for the military or assist in search and rescue operations.

Also unlike DARPA’s cheetah robot, this little robo-cat is kind of adorable, rather than looking for all the world like a terrifying killing machine. That’s because while it may take its name from the cheetah, it’s movements and design are inspired by common domestic cats. So finally, we’ll have a robot that can climb on top of your fridge to open all the drawers and see what’s in there, then wake up at 2 in the morning to skitter around the house, knock over a plant, and be back in bed before you can wonder what that ‘thump’ was. 

Which is all well and good, but really I just want to know when they’ll have a realistic fur for the thing so that I can finally live every cat-lover’s dream of owning a cat but not needing a litter box. Also, having a pet cat with laser eyes.

Oh, yeah, like you have never wanted that. Whatever.

(via EFPL News)

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