Mass Effect Movie Picks Up New Writer, Now Needs to Complete His Loyalty Mission

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The Mass Effect movie has been kicking around Hollywood since Legendary Entertainment picked up the rights to BioWare’s space epic in 2008. It’s more or less been in limbo since Mark Protosevich gave his pass at a script the same year. It looks like there might finally be some upward progress on the project, though, as Legendary’s brought on Morgan Davis Foehl to try and adapt the video game series to the big screen.

Any news about the production moving forward is obviously good news, but Foehl’s addition doesn’t exactly build confidence. He’s never had a script produced before, though one of his works floating about in 2009 called Whatever Gets You Through the Night was apparently considered excellent and underrated. Still doesn’t mean he’s got the experience to handle a Mass Effect movie, though Variety reports that producers liked Foehl for the project because he’s a “fan [of the games] and has also penned action pics with a strong espionage bent.”

If it sounds like I’m being overly negative about Foehl’s take on things, it’s probably because video games turned into movies don’t have a history of being any good. It also doesn’t help that Foehl’s biggest credits include the likes of Click and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and those were just editor positions. Then again, handing the movie off to someone not tainted by the current landscape might be a good idea. At least we won’t get another BloodRayne. Hopefully.

(Variety via Bleeding Cool)

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