Very Detailed, Expensive Custom Mass Effect Armor

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If you’re all done with Mass Effect 3 and there simply isn’t enough of it in your life, and if you also happen to have a lot of disposable money, you could buy a set of incredibly detailed N7 armor and wear it around. To the gym, to work, to the grocery store — there’s virtually no place a full set of real-life armor based on a sci-fi video game won’t inspire awe.

The armor is made of EVA foam, and comes with nylon and velcro straps in order to fit most sizes. The LED lighting on the back is powered by AA batteries, and has an on-off switch so you’re not constantly glowing from behind. Each suit is built by hand, and the entire set takes about two to three weeks to build. The LED lightning can be either blue or red, and must be specified upon ordering.

Each individual piece is fairly expensive, as is the full set. The full male N7 armor set, with assault rifle, will set you back $1,250, while the female set will burn a $1,350 hole in your pocket. All payments must be made in USD.

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