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Today is a Certain Day, and This Pipe is From a Certain Iconic Geek Culture Institution


Because today is a certain day that you may or may not observe, but you probably like neat Mario art year round, here’s this glass Piranha Plant pipe. Best of all, it’s an Etsy product (because of course it’d be), so you can purchase one for your collection of either pipes or Piranha Plant paraphernalia. If you have both collections, you should probably buy two rather than make the difficult decision of which collection gets to feature your new glass pipe.

The pipe costs $74.95 and they’re made to order. It is Pyrex glass, handblown, and comes with a thematic leaf kickstand. The pipe may cost a bit, but at what price Mario pipe beauty? Shipping to the United States costs an extra $8.95, and shipping to anywhere else costs $27.95.

(Etsy via Obvious Winner)

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