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Bamboo Mario Magnets are Classy, Expensive, Limitedly Available

These Mario magnets are made of bamboo, classing up the game featuring a plumber that murders animal-like things by jumping on them with his butt. The magnet set contains 48 pieces, including a castle, so happy purchasers can build their very own static Mario level on their refrigerator. The magnets are made with natural bamboo and strong neodymium magnets. Upon purchase, Etsy shop owner Travis Chen will create and include one custom Mario power-up of your choosing. Head on past the break for more pictures of the set, as well as what is actually included.

The set comes with:

2x – Large Mario (stand, jump)
2x – Small Mario (stand, jump)
1x – Castle
1x – Castle Flag
2x – Koopa
2x – Goomba
1x – Piranha Plant
3x – Coins
1x – Fire flower
1x – Mushroom
1x – Star
1x – Pipe
6x – Brick Blocks
12x – Ground Blocks
2x – Question Blocks
2x – Metal Blocks
3x – Stair Blocks
2x – Ground bushes
2x – Clouds

It is currently priced at $150, including an extra $10 for shipping to the U.S., or an extra $15 with shipping to Canada. At the time of this post, there are only two left available for purchase, so the time is now if you ever want your fridge to have a bunch of wooden Mario paraphernalia.

(Etsy via Nerd Approved)

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