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Netflix Continues Original Comedy Special Trend With Marc Maron’s Thinky Pain Out Today

It looks like Netflix is just going through a list of our favorite comedians.

Netflix has been stepping up its original content efforts and recently announced it would focus on comedy specials. They kicked off with John Hodgman’s wonderful Ragnarok, and today they’re continuing it with Marc Maron’s new special Thinky Pain. We like what you’re doing here, Netflix.

Thinky Pain is out today on Netflix in all English-speaking countries with Netflix according to Maron on his podcast WTF this morning. He also said that it will be available worldwide on Netflix as of October 21st.

Of the special itself Maron said:

I’m proud of this special. I went out of my way to do certain things on this special to honor who I am at this point in my career. We did it at a small venue. We did it at a venue that has some significance to me. You will see some brief cameos by Tom Scharpling, my dear friend Tom Scharpling, and my dear friend Sam Lipsyte also shows up. It was like just another night.

I went out of my way to make sure that we kept it about the performance. You will notice there’s not a lot of audience cutaways. You only see a couple rows of the audience. I did it in front of a small group of people, about 240 people. The entire special, I believe, is pulled from one performance out of the two. And I did have a stomach virus.

Stomach virus notwithstanding, that sounds really great.

Besides Maron’s new special comedy fans can also look forward to a new special from Aziz Ansari premiering November 1st.

(via Netflix and WTF)

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