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Arya Stark Offers Own Take on Red Wedding, Proves the Sixth Stage of Grief is Absurdity

A girl would do well to spend less time on the Internet taking selfies.

Maisie Williams is such an amazing actor that we occasionally forget she’s only sixteen and, like all those who are sixteen, is also incredibly weird. She occasionally likes to remind us of that fact by recording and posting Vines where she makes strange noises with her mouth. This reaction video to the events of Sunday’s most recent Game of Thrones episode definitely takes the cake — though we’re not quite sure how to categorize it in the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief as we did with the rest of the what we saw online afterwards. Then again, I’m pretty sure George R.R. Martin’s ultimate goal all along was to drive us all insane, so it makes sense that the actors in the show would be driven to madness first. (Spoilers for Episode 9 — you’ve been warned!)

If this isn’t exactly how she performs the scene during which the Hound has to tell her about Robb and Catelyn’s unfortunate demise, then I’m going to be extremely disappointed. Wonder if we could petition Maisie to at least give us a Vine of her saying “Valar Morghulis” in this voice?

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