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The New Pictures for The Lion King Had Us All Yelling “Beyoncé???”

Mufasa and Simba look out over the Pridelands in the poster for The Lion King.

I’m going to go to see the new The Lion King because I’m that kid who watched it until the VHS broke, and then my mom took me to see it on Broadway and I cheered for Scar while everyone else cried. Always been a Scar stan, always will be. But with that being said, I’ve had my reservations on the live-action version of one of my favorite Disney classics. Mainly because it didn’t really need to be done and if they are going to do this one, does that mean we’re getting a live-action The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride as well? I’ll gladly take that movie.

With the release of the soundtrack tracklist for the movie, I have an additional set of problems. Mainly that “Shadowlands” and “Endless Night” from the musical are right there and they’re not on the tracklist. How are you not going to have Beyoncé sing “Shadowlands”? It’s like a perfect song for Nala and her.

But that’s me and my wants and hopes for this movie. The internet, it seems, has a better way to get excited about The Lion King. New promotional images released by director Jon Favreau show all our favorite characters gazing into the eyes of their human counterparts in a picture that can only be described as “Bohemian Rhapsody-esque”.

It’s kind of obvious that fans had a little fun on Twitter from there. Especially when it came to Beyoncé staring into the eyes of Nala.

But she wasn’t the only one to get the meme treatment.

Is The Lion King going to be nearly as good as the memes surrounding it? Yes, because it is The Lion King. Everyone loves it.

(image: Disney)

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