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The Perils of Being in 3D: This Version of The Lion King’s Hilarious

For people of a certain age, there’s no denying that the seminal scenes from Disney’s The Lion King had an impact on their childhood. Granted, not everyone was a child during the ’90s, but those that were know the sting of Mufasa‘s final scene all too well. It’s sad, and depressing, but rarely if ever has the phrase “spooky in a surreal way” been added to that mix. Someone somewhere considered this an oversight and made a video to solve this problem.

As bad as this is, we would not be opposed to seeing the entire movie made like this. Sure, it might be painful to sit through, but there’d be plenty of giggles to be had throughout. We’d like to think that was the point.

(Bryko via Cartoon Brew, The Mary Sue)

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