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Jeffery Thomas’ Twisted Princesses

There’s no shortage of dark!Disney fan material on the internet.  It’s just something that people do with family-themed favorites from their childhoods: try to make them thematically relevant to their adult sensibilities.  Jeffery ThomasTwisted Princess series stands out from all the Goth!Tinkerbells due to sheer creativity.

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After completing six initial drawings, Thomas gave in to the feedback and wound up doing seven more.  With the latter seven, he included descriptions of how he saw each character’s transformation.  Most of these quick, alternate universe stories are of women who, since their rescuers have failed, are fighting for love, revenge or freedom with whatever was on hand, and by whatever means necessary.

My personal favorite is Megara, pictured above, but I’m a sucker for any reference to the Fates.  More, below.

  • Nala, with bonus hardcore Timon and Pumba:

  • Restless undead Mulan with living-tattoo!Mushu:

  • Post-poisoned Snow White with seven terrible servants:

  • Yes.  That is a fork hand.

The entire series can be found in Thomas’ DeviantArt gallery, here.

(via Reddit.)

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