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Old Canadian Men Caught Singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” in Coffee Shop [Video]


Ever been to a Tim Hortons a few hours before closing time? Things can get real seedy real quick within the seemingly innocuous restaurant. Among a list of other things to be wary of after 9:00 pm, running into a gang of rowdy geriatrics singing Disney tunes is definitely not a situation you’d want to find yourself in, especially if you’re alone. Whoever captured this footage from a Tim Hortons in Canada was fortunate to get away from the rambunctious bunch  — terrorizing palpably distressed patrons with their rendition of Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” from The Lion King — with their life and camera. All we want to know is, why wasn’t anybody calling the police?

If retirement means hanging out with good friends at a Tim Hortons till closing time and reminiscing about The Lion King and other nuggets of nostalgia from 1994, then we honestly can’t wait until to reach that golden age of 65! What do we have, like, 30 or 40 years left to go? Hey, we’ve already waited this long, so what’s a few more decades, right?

(via HyperVocal, image via YouTube)

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