LEGO Curiosity Rover Lands At Kennedy Space Center

It Came From Outer Space

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NXT builders Doug Moran and Will Gorman put together this awesome working Curiosity rover, which is currently exploring the terrain of the Kennedy Space Center. The rover-replica has a fully working arm, a separately controlled mast, and 4 of the 6 wheels are powered, allowing it to make 360 degree turns. Watch the video for a glimpse of the rover in action — wouldn’t this make a great project for kids, or, you know, adults who still love LEGO kits?

Hit the jump for another Mars landing video, from the Curiosity rover’s point of view!

Our friends over at Mediaite posted this fantastic video that shows Curiosity’s view of its descent from the point its heat shield fell away until the moment it landed. Perhaps the only thing that could improve upon this is adding choice tweets from the Curiosity’s awesome twitter feed. Watch the video to see Curiosity’s dangerous, triumphant descent in the name of Science!

(via Mediaite and Engadget.)
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