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Italian Superfan Builds Spot-On Replica of Ghostbusters Basement


We love Ghostbusters as much as the next guy, unless the next guy is Ghostbuster Italia member Guusc72. He clearly has the edge on us, on you, and on just about every Ghostbusters fan out there. He built an incredibly detailed replica of the basement set from Ghostbusters, complete with a containment unit with movie accurate lights, sounds, and even a destruct mode.

Here’s a comparison between Guusc72’s replica, and the original:

Not 100% accurate, and that one guy looks nothing like Ernie Hudson, but it’s still pretty tremendous. That containment unit isn’t just for show– it’s functional. Well, at least as functional as the one in the movie. What do you do when someone comes to check out your Ghostbusters basement cosplaying as Walter Peck and they make you shut the whole thing down? Watch this video of the room’s destruct mode:

Dear Mr. Guusc72,

If we’re ever in Italy, may we please come over and play in your Ghostbusters basement? We’ll bring Twinkies.



(Ghostbusters Italia via Uproxx)

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