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Red Hot Ball of Nickel Turns Honey Into Slime From Ghostbusters II [Video]


Oh sure, we’ve all thought about what it would be like to drop a ball of hot nickel into a big pot of honey, but few have ever dared to act on it. Thankfully, we live in a world with YouTube and its user carsandwater who has an affinity for heating objects up, and then doing weird stuff with them. His latest experiment turns ordinary looking honey into what looks an awful lot like the slime from Ghostbuster II, only instead of using New York City’s negative energy, carsandwater uses a red hot ball of metal.

Arguably the best part is that after about thirty seconds carsandwater seems to develop a sudden concern for his own safety. That’s great, because it implies that in the entirety of his life leading up to the moment he dropped a red hot ball of nickel into a pot of honey he never once thought, “This might end badly,” and it’s that kind of bravery we need more of in this world.

Why aren’t we all dropping red hot pieces of metal into things?

And in case you question my comparison to the slime in Ghostbuster II:

It’s amazingly similar.

(via YouTube)

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