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The June Bug Indie Royale Bundle Is Pretty Great, You Should Buy It


Not to let the Humble Indie Bundle have all the indie thunder and praise, Indie Royale has a pretty sweet bundle available for the month of June, and is offering some extremely awesome games. The June Bug bundle leads the way with the stellar PixelJunk Eden, the amazing Auditorium, along with Escape Goat and Noitu Love 2: Devolution. The bundle is super cheap, but if you pay $7 or more, you also get an entire chiptunes album by

Whereas the Humble Indie Bundle employs a pay-what-you-want pricing structure, the June Bug bundle works with an average minimum. At the time of this post, the minimum price that will net you the bundle is fluctuating between $4.99 and $5. The bundle is super cheap, but if you pay $7 or more, you’ll also net an entire chiptunes album by 8 Bit Weapon. However, if someone pays more than the minimum price of the bundle, because they’re appreciative or because they want the extra chiptunes album, the price actually lowers for people who purchase the bundle after, rather than raises to meet the average. So, not only will you get some pretty sweet games, but you’ll also get to be a good samaritan and lower the price for someone else.

The games come in a variety of platforms, with PixelJunk Eden — once a PSN exclusive that then traveled to steam — only being available for Steam. The other games are available for a combination of Windows, Steam, and Desura, while Auditorium is also available for Mac.

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