The July Jubilee Bundle is a Steal, Eminently Affordable

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In what is perhaps my favorite game-bundle-naming schema, the good folks behind Indie Royale have revealed the aptly-named July Jubilee Bundle. Between now and July 31st, you can score a copy of Puzzle Agent, Geneforge Saga, Oniken, Mutant Storm Reloaded, Swift Stitch, and Unepic. It also helps that the whole thing is liable to cost you less than a sandwich from Wendy’s.

The conceit behind the bundle lies with the way pricing for it functions. The more folks who pay more than the minimum price, the lower the minimum price gets. The bundles seem to insist that there are ten games in the bundle whilst only listing six with a bonus of Rose and Time on the side that comes with Swift Stitch. It’s possible that the other three missing games will make surprise appearances between now and the final day of the sale. On top of the other offerings, if you pay at least $8 you’ll earn yourself an album full of chiptunes called Insert by Prof.SAKAMOTO.

The games are available across a variety of platforms. Puzzle Agent and Geneforge Saga are both available from Steam, Windows, Mac, and Desura. Mutant Storm Reloaded is Steam and Desura — but only for Windows. Oniken and Unepic are only for Windows and Desura while Swift Stitch is available to those and Mac as well. So, looks like you could play them all on a Windows machine via Desura. Good luck if you have another kind of computer.

(via Indie Royale)

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