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The Jet Set Radio HD Trailer is Here [Video]


If the teaser trailer wasn’t enough for you, you’re in luck because an extended gameplay trailer for the HD re-release of Jet Set Radio for XBLA and PSN is now upon us and it looks as terrific as ever. The cut-together clips showcase all the best parts of the game (most of them) and feature an expertly edited version of “Rock It On.” Granted, Jet Set Radio had its issues, but it is still a fantastically original game I find myself replaying frequently, and hopefully this renewed attention means that another sequel isn’t out of the question. I mean, can you imagine a Jet Set Radio soundtrack in a post-dubstep world? It might be the best thing ever, or the worst, but I’ll settle for it existing. Please?

Back atcha, homie!

(via SEGA Blog)

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