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Jeffrey Tambor’s Last Gasps as He’s Fired by Amazon Prove He Still Doesn’t Fully Get What’s Happening

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So, Jeffrey Tambor is upset at Amazon’s decision to fire him from the show Transparent yesterday after conducting an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and assault made by his assistant and one of his co-stars on the show. I suppose being upset is understandable. No one likes being fired from a job. But in a statement to Deadline Hollywood, Tambor seems to misunderstand the entire situation.

Here is his statement in full:

“I am profoundly disappointed in Amazon’s handling of these false accusations against me. I am even more disappointed in Jill Soloway’s unfair characterization of me as someone who would ever cause harm to any of my fellow cast mates

“In our four-year history of working together on this incredible show, these accusations have NEVER been revealed or discussed directly with me or anyone at Amazon. Therefore, I can only surmise that the investigation against me was deeply flawed and biased toward the toxic politicized atmosphere that afflicted our set. As I have consistently stated, I deeply regret if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone and I will continue to vehemently defend myself. I also deeply regret that this ground-breaking show, which changed so many lives, is now in jeopardy. That, to me, is the biggest heartbreak.”

A couple of things:

  1. If Amazon had leaned in his favor, would the investigation have been flawed? Or is it only flawed, because they decided to fire him?
  2. In their accounts, both Barnes and Lysette describe why they haven’t come forward before going public now. Spoiler alert: they did what all women tend to do in situations like this. They did the thing women are programmed to do: laugh it off, compartmentalize it, brush it aside…for their own sanity and safety. For the first time, women en masse are actually being believed when they talk, and that’s hugely unsettling to men who are used to doing whatever they want while facing few consequences.
  3. “Biased toward the toxic, politicized atmosphere that afflicted our set.” Oh, honey lamb. There’s nothing “political” about treating women with respect. Or rather, it shouldn’t be considered as such. “Politics” implies a position on an issue that can be debated. Whether or not one respects the women with whom they work should not be considered “political.” It’s just being a decent, non-sexist person (or not). The fact that he sees a production with the desire to do that as “toxic” and “politicized” is very telling.
  4. Equally telling is that the accusations came from two trans women. If cisgender women don’t speak for fear of not being believed and thought mentally unstable, that’s doubly true for trans women, who are constantly struggling with telling even basic truths, like being honest about their identities, without getting murdered. So if, let’s say, someone like Tambor were predatory and interested in “getting away with it,” he might expect that a trans woman would be even less likely to come forward. In this case, however, he was very, very wrong.
  5. Stop using the word “misinterpreted!” Rubbing your junk on someone without asking is not something that can be “misinterpreted.” It’s never okay. There’s no rubbing your junk on someone without asking just to be funny. You don’t get to do that, and the fact that Tambor keeps not denying that these things happened, but merely says that his actions were “misinterpreted” leads me to believe that he thinks he has every right to do those things, it’s just that his accusers didn’t get it, or understand that he was only kidding. I’m sorry, but fuck you.
  6. Likewise for his use of the phrase “false allegations.” You either did the things of which you’re accused, or you didn’t. If you did do them, then “misinterpreting” is irrelevant and the allegations are not “false.” If you didn’t, then there’s nothing to “misinterpret.” You don’t get to have both.

As for his snide shade-throwing about Transparent being “in jeopardy” without him? Again, fuck you. The show will be fine. Possibly, even better.

(via Business Insider, image: Amazon)

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