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Women’s Thighs Are Becoming Japan’s Newest Billboards


Sex sells, and apparently, Japan is buying. The latest advertising trend in the nation is turning women’s legs into billboards, thereby finally correcting a frankly criminal waste of high value advertising space that has gone on too long. Now, if we could just start the new trend of branded masks that ensure we don’t have to look at one another, but at products we might want to buy, we’d really be on our way to a brave new world.

The new advertising technique is the brainchild of Absolute Territory PR, which has recruited about 1,300 women as walking advertisements thus far, according to the Daily Mail. The women stop by an ad office in the morning to pick up a sticker that they will wear for an eight-hour shift — usually on their upper thigh between the tops of stockings and the bottoms of a skirt or dress. In addition to wearing the sticker through their day, the women are also required to post pictures of themselves wearing the advertisements on their social media accounts, because yes, apparently selfies could get weirder and more tasteless.  At the end of the day, they return to the office and take a cut of the revenue the company made from the advertisers — which include, appropriately, at least one hair removal service.

Now, I’m tempted to find this a creepy way of making it OK for men to ogle women’s bodies in public, which, fellas, is on the sleazy side. Then again, they’re already doing that, which is why ladies’ legs make good advertising space, and sadly, it’s probably not going to stop anytime soon. While that doesn’t mean we should be encouraging it, and while the idea of people turning really any part of their body into a walking advertisement still fills me with the heebiest of jeebies, hey, it’s their life — and their legs.

(via IB Times, image via Twitter)

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