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This Upcoming Game Is Like ‘The Sims,’ but Better

Fire up the gaming PC.

Are you sick of your life? Do you want to wile away your remaining hours building a life in the digital world? With InZOI, now you can! Move over Sims, InZOI just took the ladder out of your swimming pool. You’re done.

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What is InZOI?

InZoi is a next generation life simulator made by Krafton, the studio responsible for Dark and Darker and PUBG Battlegrounds. How is InZOI different from The Sims? Photorealistic visuals, for one. This game is gonna have you asking “is this real life” like that video of the little kid recovering from dental surgery. It looks GOOD. Other than that, it plays similar to The Sims. Build the life of your dreams! Brush your teeth! Eat food! Fall in love! You know, American Dream kinda stuff! You can also manipulate the world around your characters by raising the crime rate or the cat population! Yes, you have control of both violent crime and the Cat Distribution System. Godlike power, indeed.

When will InZOI be released?

According to Krafton, InZOI will be released sometime in late 2024. The game was officially announced in 2023 at Korea’s largest video game trade show, G-Star. The game uses Unreal Engine 5 for its unreal graphics, and will likely be released on PS5 and the Xbox series X. It’s likely that the game will be released on Steam as well. Most of Krafton’s games appear on Valve’s game hosting platform. Whether your computer has the graphics card to run it is another matter entirely.

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