Miss Minutes staring into your soul on Loki

Is Miss Minutes Evil? It’s Complicated

Miss Minutes finally returned to Loki in episode 3, “1893.” Is she the same chipper, cheerful cartoon clock that she was in most of season 1? Oh, no. No, this Miss Minutes is a living nightmare. What’s the deal with Miss Minutes? Is she an evil supervillain, or is she just following orders? Here’s the scoop.

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This article contains spoilers for Loki season 2, episode 3, “1893.”

Miss Minutes isn’t just loyal to He Who Remains…

In “1893,” we learn that He Who Remains sent Miss Minutes and Ravonna back to the 1800s to deliver a package to a young boy. That boy is Victor Timely, and the package is the TVA handbook written by Ouroboros. Miss Minutes explains to Ravonna and Victor that He Who Remains needed Victor to get the handbook as part of his master plan.

What is that master plan? To re-establish the chain of events leading to the creation of the TVA, apparently. As we saw in the Loki season 1 finale, Miss Minutes is He Who Remains’ companion in the Citadel at the End of Time, wiling away the eons with him.

And that’s where things get really disturbing.

…She wants to be his giiiiiiiirl

After Miss Minutes and Ravonna catch up with Victor in 1893, Miss Minutes notices the spark forming between Ravonna and Victor. You can instantly tell from the look on her face and her cutting remarks that she’s jealous.

Sure enough, Miss Minutes convinces Victor to dump Ravonna in Lake Michigan and continue to the TVA without her. Once they arrive in Victor’s lab in Wisconsin, where he can gather his things, Miss Minutes confesses something: she’s in love with him, and wants him to build her a real body so she can be his girl. Miss Minutes get so wrapped up in her fantasy that she even begins to glitch, superimposing herself onto a mannequin. Victor, freaked out, hurriedly turns her off before she can do something drastic.

But wait! It gets even more complicated!

After Miss Minutes and Ravonna both find themselves exiled to the Citadel at the End of Time, populated only by He Who Remains’ rotting body, Miss Minutes seems to switch sides again. Angry at Victor for rejecting her, she tells Ravonna that she knows a big secret that will make Ravonna angry. It looks like now that Miss Minutes has been spurned, she’s out for revenge.

Is Miss Minutes evil, or just misunderstood?

I mean, what is the nature of evil? Are there really evil people, or just evil deeds? Does Miss Minutes have some huge nefarious plan, or is she just smarting from Victor’s rejection? It’s worth noting that Loki executive producer Kevin Wright claims that Miss Minutes operates “in the gray area” instead of being a full-on villain. “It’s weird,” Wright says. “you get she’s an artificial intelligence, but there is some kind of maybe consciousness there that she’s had these experiences, and she kind of longs for this connection again.”

One thing’s for sure: whatever she’s got cooking can’t be anything good. This clock has some serious emotional issues she needs to sort through, but it looks like she’s on a quest for revenge instead.

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