The X-Men stand together in 'X-Men '97'.

‘X-Men ’97’ Directors Answer Some Important Questions … Like Do the X-Men Wear Wigs

X-Men ’97 has come to an end and fans want more. Or at least we want to know the truth about whether or not the X-Men wear wigs! Talking with directors Emi/Emmett Yonemura and Chase Conley, I got to ask all the burning questions I had after the finale.

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I asked both Yonemura and Conley about the episodes they each directed, the series as a whole, and then some important questions, like whether or not they know where Wolverine and Storm are. At the end of the final episode of the season, we get to see where some of the team ends up. After Magneto uses his power to destroy Asteroid M, it sends the X-Men into different points of time—some to the future, others to the past.

We don’t know where Storm or Wolverine are, but Yonemura and Conley do. When I asked about whether they knew where they were, Conley coyly responded, “Yeah,” but did not give me more of an idea. Conley then went on to explain why the finale kept that information from fans: “I think we just don’t want to, we didn’t wanna give everybody too much at the same time. Hey, you gonna have to watch and find out. You don’t get all the answers. That’s way life works.”

Yonemura teased that they had to wait for answers too, saying, “You’re gonna have to wait like how we had to wait.” To be fair, we’ve all waited since 1996 for more of the X-Men, but alas. We can wait a little more to know where Wolverine and Storm are.

Do you wear wigs? No I do not. Have you worn wigs?

Another thing we talked about is whether or not the X-Men wear wigs. When we see their costumes on Muir Island, they are all in glass cases and there are … wigs attached. The team then uses those costumes with those exact hair styles, and it has made fans wonder: Do the X-Men wear wigs?

Yonemura shared what they thought it meant and also explained how the drag community loved what was going on with the X-Men and their new looks. “Maybe,” Yonemura said with a laugh. “I mean, we never really think about it because I love to lean into Cartoon Logic sometimes, but we actually had a surprising amount of conversations around those mannequins that you see at Muir Island, where it’s like, ‘Okay, well I guess this is kind of a museum, so we should have the whole outfit there.’ And then they just happened to be like, ‘Oh, good. ’cause I need a costume right now. The other one burned up in at the mansion.’ It was really fun to play with that. And honestly, I love our drag community and the fact that a lot of queens reached out and were just like, ‘I love that they’ve got this outfit thing going on that they’ve got like skin matching mannequins that are already, and then the wigs.’ And so you know what, yes. Let’s just say that they go glam. I love that.”

You can see our full chat here:

Every episode of season 1 of X-Men ’97 is streaming now on Disney+.

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